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Dental Implants: Missing Teeth Restored

Traumatic injuries, rampant tooth decay, or bacterial infections can all cause multiple teeth to go missing. Depending on the circumstance, your dental professional will take measure to insure the damage is restored, the decay is removed, and the infection is healed, so that you can replace your missing teeth and go on living your life…. Read more »

A Tooth Extraction Explanation

Preserving your remaining teeth in the wake of damage or infection is the ultimate goal at Celina Family Dentistry in Celina, Tx. The professional dental team prides itself on assisting you in keeping all your original teeth. However, in unfortunate circumstances you may need a tooth extraction to save your smile. The entire process of… Read more »

Teeth Whitening For Wedding Season

When you look at your wedding photos later this year, you want to see white, beautiful smiles. You want to hear from the photographer that you and your partners teeth were so bright that they didn’t have to photoshop anything about them; they’re just that white. How do you achieve a smile like this in… Read more »