Questions and Answers About Dentures

Have you been trying to learn more about full and partial dentures but you’re worried you have been reading a mixture of reliable – and not-so-reliable – information? If so, we encourage you to stop what you are doing and begin learning some facts with a quick Q&A session we have created. Follow the session… Read more »

Common Reasons For Extractions

Fortunately, we find that the more educated our patients become about our services – particularly restorative care treatments – the more at ease they feel when we make diagnoses and treatment suggestions. When it comes to the removal of a tooth, for instance, a patient who understands why an extraction is necessary will have an… Read more »

Quiz: Avoiding Root Canal Therapy

Have you been wondering what you can do to avoid the need for root canal therapy? First, it is important that you realize this helpful, effective treatment is comfortable and can save your tooth – if we suggest one, you can expect a wonderful experience. However, it’s also very beneficial to become familiar with the… Read more »

Dental Bridge Q&A Session

Have you recently come to the conclusion that a dental bridge is the tooth replacement solution you have been seeking? Or, are you at least mostly sure that this is the restorative treatment you want? Don’t worry, we applaud patients who become interested in treatments but take the time to learn as much as they… Read more »