Make Sure You Protect Yourself Against Gingivitis

When you brush and floss your teeth, make sure you do not overlook your gum line! People who rush through their preventive dental care routine, or those who are not consistent about their habits, can unknowingly allow plaque to form at the base of teeth, which can eventually lead to the presence of tartar deposits…. Read more »

Things That Happen When You Ignore Gingivitis

Like anything else that you don’t necessarily want to deal with and would much prefer if it would just go away, gingivitis is something you can choose to (but shouldn’t) ignore! Unfortunately, if you decide to overlook obvious symptoms, brush off our diagnosis of this first stage of gum disease, etc., then you may be… Read more »

Puffy Gums: Cosmetic Problem Or Not?

There’s no one reason that a patient might have puffy gums. Nope. There are, instead, a variety of reasons this might be happening to your smile. To make matters even more complex, puffiness may generally suggest that a simple esthetic issue is afoot or that you are headed toward serious problems due to gum disease…. Read more »

Dental Implants and Gum Disease

Though it doesn’t always seem like a big deal, gum disease is one of the more destructive conditions that can affect your oral health. It’s also the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and therefore the need for replacement teeth, such as dental implants. Understanding the dangers of gum disease before and after tooth loss,… Read more »

Say “Hello” to your Gums

Gum tissues in your mouth have a dual job, just like your teeth. They are important for both form and function. Cosmetically, gums frame your smile. They also have the purpose of protecting your teeth from germs. Periodontal disease affects about 80% of the American adult population, so gum care still has a way to… Read more »

Bleeding Gums are an Important Warning Sign

Healthy gum tissue is designed to fit snugly around your tooth roots to hold your smile firmly in place. However, if periodontal disease strikes, gingival tissues become infested with germs. Inflammation and recession allow gums to pull away from the teeth.  One of the earliest signs of gum disease is bleeding. Celina dentist, Dr. Newton explains that… Read more »

Could Fish Oil Hold the Key to Treating Gum Disease?

Gum disease afflicts approximately 50% of American adults. No wonder severe gum disease (periodontitis) is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. The medical field has become increasingly interested in oral systemic health. The idea that poor dental health might heighten your risk for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease has perked up the… Read more »