We Can Offer Treatment For Particularly Tough Teeth Stains

Stains that leave your teeth noticeably dull or discolored can be tough to address on your own. You can certainly find products at your local grocery store or pharmacy that promote their whitening abilities, but they may do little more than remove stains that are on the surface of your enamel. To see meaningful results,… Read more »

What Are You Doing To Fight The Buildup Of Tartar On Teeth?

When you brush your teeth, you clear away harmful bacteria and food debris that can cause you to experience oral health issues. If you are consistent and thorough enough at this, you can protect yourself well enough to consistently avoid problems with tartar buildup. Unlike plaque deposits, which you can remove on your own, tartar… Read more »

Botox Treatment Can Help You Address Painful Teeth Grinding

People who grind their teeth throughout the night can struggle with pain during the day, particularly when they first wake up. The tension that you are unconsciously placing on your jaw joints and muscles can lead to problems with TMJ disorder, and it may result in undesirable physical changes to your teeth. Our Celina, TX… Read more »

Change Your Smile Through Bonding And Contouring Work

How do you currently feel about your smile? If you have problems with the color and condition of teeth that have left you feeling self-conscious, a cosmetic bonding and contouring procedure can help. You can meet with your Celina, TX dentist to discuss the benefits of bonding and contouring work to target the specific concerns… Read more »