Whitening Professionally: 4 Questions About The Future

You know, of course, that if you’re going to whiten your smile, the only means through which we suggest you accomplish this task is with our professional teeth whitening treatment. With that said, you may feel perfectly comfortable and confident visiting our Celina, TX team for this exciting cosmetic solution! However, you may also discover… Read more »

Culprits You Didn’t Know Were Responsible For Discoloration

There are some very obvious culprits that spring to mind when you’re thinking about staining. What’s causing your discoloration, you wonder? Well, you figure it must be coffee or cocoa or marinara sauce, red wine, berries, cola, and the list continues. However, is that necessarily the case? What if you don’t actually consume any of… Read more »

Is It Time For Teeth Whitening Yet?

When you need help with the health of your smile, there aren’t a lot of unknowns in terms of when. You know that you need to see us every six months for preventive care (or between visits if something is wrong). You know just how to care for teeth and gums and when. You also… Read more »

Do Versus Don’t: Your Whiter Smile Plans!

In our age of ever-increasing access to information, it’s important to remember that some of that info is spot-on and reliable but some of it is not. As a result, even as you begin to make plans for something like achieving a whiter smile, you may become torn and a bit unsure. Should you immediately… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Good Or Bad?

If you’re unsure about whether it’s a good idea to choose teeth whitening (or a not so great idea), it can make it very difficult to make any progress in the direction of a brighter grin. We understand that it’s easy to assume this is some very black-and-white territory but that could not be further… Read more »

I Want Whiter Teeth! Now What?

Are you absolutely ready to do something about your discoloration but your plans come to a screeching halt when you realize you don’t know where to begin? First things first, we strongly suggest against trying out products from the drugstore and instead, coming in to receive professional cosmetic care. It’s the safest and most surefire… Read more »

Get Confidence This Christmas with Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you worried about your upcoming work party, all because of insecurities related to your smile? Do you dread the annual family photo on Christmas Eve, because you hate showing your teeth so much? Have you avoided hanging out with friends, lately, for fear they will notice the visible damage to your teeth? If so,… Read more »

Would Teeth Whitening Help You Achieve a Dream Smile?

Are you embarrassed when you look in the mirror, because of the deep staining and discoloration on your teeth? You may have even tried over-the-counter whitening products in the past, in an attempt to noticeably lighten your teeth, but been unsatisfied with the results. If so, have you considered the benefits of seeking treatment through… Read more »

Can Professional Teeth Whitening Make a Big Difference?

Do you look in the mirror, and instantly notice the deep staining on your teeth? Over time, many people find that their smiles begin to look yellow, grey, or simply aged. Fortunately, in most cases it is possible to bring back the smile’s former brightness, namely through the use of a whitening treatment. Professional teeth… Read more »

Would Cosmetic Dentistry Leave You Feeling More Confident?

Do you look in the mirror and long for brighter and whiter teeth? Are you embarrassed to show your smile in photos, or even around friends, because of imperfections with your teeth’s size or shape? Have years of teeth grinding left you with visibly jagged teeth? Did you know that these issues, and many more,… Read more »