The Great Gender Dental Battle

Who is better at keeping up with their dental health between the genders? Well, women pay more attention to their smiles than men, in general. Celina dentist, Dr. Newton and our dental team are happy to provide dental care for either gender. Why do you think women make more effort? Could it be because women tend to focus more… Read more »

Celina Dentist Challenges You to Dental Quiz

Throughout history, there has been a lot of trial and error in dentistry. Did you know that toothpaste has only been around for about one century? Before that, a variety of surprising substances such as chalk, charcoal, lemon juice, and even tobacco mixed with honey, were used as oral hygiene products.  Your Celina dentist, Dr…. Read more »

Celina Dentist Discusses How Pilgrims Brushed Their Teeth

Not so long ago, dentistry operated quite differently. As the holiday season continues in full swing, many patients might travel across the country to see friends and family members. Holiday gatherings often center on an oven-roasted or fried turkey. Additionally, side dishes of vegetables, starches, and delicious desserts often find their way onto the holiday… Read more »

Celina Dentist Suggest Veggies, Cheese, and Seltzer to Keep Teeth White

We see a lot of patients that are interested in teeth whitening. Whether you opt for in-office whitening, or at-home bleaching, whitening your teeth can build your self-esteem and take years off of your life. Unfortunately, once you have taken the time to make this improvement, you’re probably going to try and avoid stain causers… Read more »

Celina and Prosper Family Dentist Celebrates Chocolate!

If you’ve ever doubted the magnificence of chocolate, you should know that the cocoa tree from which it comes is scientifically known as Theobroma Cacao, meaning “food of the gods” in Greek. Despite the many years of belief that chocolate tastes too good to be healthy, studies show that the sweet treat can actually help… Read more »

Fun Uses for Dental Hygiene Products

We’ve had a few rain showers lately in North Texas, but storm season is just beginning. Even if you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, Dr. Newton wants you to keep a healthy smile on your face. Next time it pours, try to entertain yourself with these fun uses for your old dental products. Clean… Read more »