Do You Need Dentures Or A Dental Bridge?


When you are missing a tooth, it is essential to fill the space as soon as possible. In fact, studies have shown that missing teeth correlate to cognitive decline as you get older. This is due, in part, to the fact that many people cease getting sufficient nutrients from their food, as their chewing is… Read more »

Straightening Your Smile With Orthodontic Treatment

celina orthodontic treatment

When you or a member of your family have an uneven smile, this could lead to issues with the appearance and health of your smile. To correct their position, you could benefit from orthodontic treatment. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about braces and our ClearCorrect aligners.

Jawbone Grafting Could Rebuild A Smile

celina bone grafting

When you lose a tooth, you don’t just end up with a gap in your smile. Over time, you could also develop a weakened jawbone that complicates tooth replacement. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about how we prepare your smile for dental implant placement with jawbone grafting.

Sleep Apnea Takes A Toll On Your Health

Is something wrong with your nightly rest? There are certain warning signs that you can look out for if you think something is wrong with your sleep. When you frequently struggle with fatigue, have a tendency to snore heavily, and experience problems associated with sleep deprivation, it could be sleep apnea. There are other concerns… Read more »