It’s Better To Prevent A Christmastime Dental Emergency

When the magical spirit of the holiday season takes a hold of you, it’s very easy to completely forget that anything less than perfect could happen, right? Or, for some, since you are responsible for gifts, tree-setting-up, decorations, figuring out what everyone’s going to eat for the holiday meal (or arranging travel plans), then you… Read more »

Nightly Teeth Grinding Can Cause Problems For Your Smile

Grinding your teeth while you sleep can lead to real cosmetic troubles, as well as damage that can negatively affect your oral health. Of course, there is one clear problem for people who suffer from this issue – how can you stop yourself from a bad habit you engage in while sleeping? Your Celina, TX… Read more »

Simple Smile Responsibilities: Holiday Edition

When what you really want to do is completely relax, let go, and enjoy yourself, you realize that taking care of the things that simply must get done won’t exactly mesh with this goal. After all, you still have to pay the bills, take care of your health, and take care of your oral health,… Read more »

3 Things Daylight Saving Can Mean For Your Smile

Here it comes! It’s either something you love or something you truly loathe: It’s daylight saving time! Now, rather than springing forward, we will “fall back” for autumn, we will be setting our clocks back by one hour on November 4th. Though this may primarily either cause some smiles or a bit of annoyance, our… Read more »