Denture Dilemmas Discussed in Celina, TX

If you already wear dentures, you probably had to take some time to adjust to the feeling. Perhaps they still aren’t the most comfortable part of your body. In fact, dentures can even become uncomfortable after you’ve worn them for years. As you age, the structure of your jawbone will change, and unfortunately sometimes lose… Read more »

Oral Cancer FAQs Answered by Celina Dentist

Oral cancer has an incredible 50 to 80 percent survival rate, provided you catch the disease early. This is unlikely to happen if you don’t keep up with regular medical and dental checkups. Any malignancy, when discovered at an early stage, will be that much easier to fight. Celina dentist, Dr. Newton, makes sure to… Read more »

Celina, TX Dentist Reminds You to Wash Your Hands

It’s that time of year when sniffles and sneezes abound. Hacking coughs echo through the halls of office buildings, classrooms, and malls. You feel that tickle in your throat and hope that it will just be a mild cold and not something more dastardly like a flu, bronchitis, strep throat, or pneumonia. Celina, TX dentist,… Read more »