Is Cosmetic Dentistry For You?

Do you catch glimpses of other people’s smiles and feel that you were simply not lucky enough to have been born with a pretty smile? Perhaps you used to feel good about your smile but some type of cosmetic damage has caused you to feel shy about allowing others to see it. Rather than waste… Read more »

Creating Your Dentures

Have you been considering replacing your missing teeth with full or partial dentures? If so, you may feel excited about all of the many benefits they offer. For instance, they are noninvasive, so they make a wonderful solution for most patients. In addition, you can replace nearly any configuration of missing teeth with dentures, so… Read more »

Learn About Dental Bridges

Did you lose a tooth and you are feeling unhappy with the way your smile looks? Are you missing more than one tooth side-by-side and you have found over time that simple chores like chewing have become increasingly frustrating? If so, it may be time that you learn more about dental bridges. These prosthetics may… Read more »

The Ins and Outs of Root Canal Therapy

Have you just found out that you need root canal therapy to restore your oral health? If so, a lot of things are probably going through your mind. First, you are likely in discomfort as a result of the infection occurring within your tooth or the damage that has harmed your dental pulp. Second, you… Read more »