When to Consider Teeth-Grinding a Problem

You might grind your teeth on occasion, but is it worth bringing up to your dentist during your next visit? Bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, is a more common problem than many people realize. However, it isn’t always obvious that there is a problem, especially since many people grind their teeth most often at night. At… Read more »

Dental Emergencies: 3 Times To Shush Your Mind 

Dealing with the onset of a dental emergency, which you most likely didn’t see coming, can cause patients to respond in a wide variety of ways! If you’re the type of individual to immediately pick up the phone to call our Celina, TX team to let us know you need dental care, then good! This… Read more »

It’s Too Late For The Smile I Want!…Right?

You may feel as though you’ve just waited too long to come in for the smile care you want. This can range from feeling as though you’ve missed out on maintaining a healthy smile that you can use for life to feeling that your dreams of a beautiful smile have passed you by. Whatever it… Read more »