What Makes Dental Cleanings So Important?

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We recommend a dental cleaning for everyone ages two and older twice a year, and if you have high risks of gum disease, then we may recommend a perio cleaning. These treatments can help your smile stay healthy and whole. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about the importance of cleanings.

Preventive Dentistry Can Protect Your Family’s Smiles

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Our team offers preventive dentistry to help protect kids and adults alike from issues ranging from cavities to gum disease, even teeth grinding. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about how we can prevent these concerns and safeguard the health, beauty, and function of your smile!

Managing Diabetes For Your Oral Health

Managing Diabetes Celina TX

If you have received a diagnosis of a form of diabetes, it is important to make the effort in keeping your glucose numbers at a healthy level as much as you can. Unfortunately, this is not always the simplest thing to do, but placing an emphasis on controlling your condition can make all the difference… Read more »

Fighting Tooth Decay With Silver Diamine Fluoride

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Cavities can cause major discomfort and leave teeth vulnerable to infection or even tooth loss. When possible, we want to help people avoid cavities, and can provide treatment to slow the development and repent the need for a filling. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about the benefits of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF).

Stopping Bruxism From Damaging Teeth

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When you have bruxism, this means you grind your teeth and clench them on a regular basis. The pressure could damage your smile and leave teeth vulnerable to cavities and other complications. But your Celina, TX, dentist can offer a comfortable oral appliance to prevent bruxism-related damage from occurring.

Powerful Cavity Prevention With Silver Diamine Fluoride

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Teaching your little one how to care for their smile can sometimes be a struggle for all parents, as your child might take some time to learn the benefits of preventive dental care. Traditional fluoride treatment was a game-changing innovation for the world of dentistry, and now there is a new and advanced form of… Read more »

Your Dental Checkups Are Vital To Smile Success

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Have you been putting off your visits to the dentist? If so, you could be allowing the deterioration of your smile. Conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease can thrive when you ignore your semiannual checkups, so make the effort in your ongoing dental maintenance. Most people need these appointments every six months, and… Read more »

Taking Steps To Prevent Tooth Decay

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Have you been lax about your brushing and flossing? Your smile maintenance is something that you need to take care of for your entire life. If you are struggling with your preventive care, reinvigorate your routine with a visit to your dentist for a cleaning and examination. While you are here, we can talk about… Read more »

Take Advantage Of Your Semiannual Checkup

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Do you ask all of your questions when you visit the dentist? There may be some things that you would like to bring up when you come in for a cleaning and examination, but are hesitant to ask. We invite you to discuss everything that you experience with your oral health, so we can help… Read more »

Taking The Necessary Preventive Steps

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The ongoing maintenance of your smile is something that you need to keep up with throughout your entire life. If you are skipping your routine cleanings and examinations, you could be allowing the growth of bacteria to go unnoticed for quite some time. If it has been longer than six months since your last visit,… Read more »