Want to Skip the Cavities in 2017? Don’t Skip Dental Care!

Did you suffer from several cavities in 2016? Or, are you simply interested in doing all you can to protect your great oral health in 2017 and beyond? The great news is that cavity prevention is neither time consuming or overly complicated. It just requires some diligence and smart decision making in both your dental… Read more »

Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

The festive holiday season is in full swing now. How is your smile coping? Have one too many of Santa’s beloved cookies left you struggling with dental sensitivity, or are cups of cocoa causing you to wince? Many people overindulge in sweet treats during the holiday, and though cavities don’t occur overnight, prolonged exposure to… Read more »

How Can You Get Kids Excited About Oral Care?

Do you spend time each and every night arguing with your kids about brushing their teeth? Does getting your kids to brush their teeth before school, in the mornings, feel like pulling teeth, pun intended? Many parents start to feel like the dental care police, when it comes to caring for their kids’ smiles. Fortunately,… Read more »

Flossing The Right Way

Do you think the correct way to floss is simply slipping the dental floss in between your teeth and quickly pulling it out? It’s not. There is actually a correct way to floss. If you don’t floss correctly, you can damage your teeth or gums. Also, if you don’t floss effectively, you are simply wasting… Read more »

Get Confidence This Christmas with Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you worried about your upcoming work party, all because of insecurities related to your smile? Do you dread the annual family photo on Christmas Eve, because you hate showing your teeth so much? Have you avoided hanging out with friends, lately, for fear they will notice the visible damage to your teeth? If so,… Read more »