How Dental Care Helps You Appear Youthful 

You may have the notion in your mind that the more dental work you receive, the more aged you’re going to appear. While this may have been true decades ago, the good news is that with today’s advances in dental technology, seeking the dental care your smile needs can actually help you maintain a youthful… Read more »

Don’t Run Away From Fillings!

Your initial reaction may be to run away from your need for a dental filling because you have a bunch of ideas about this type of restoration that aren’t really very positive. We understand! You may have had negative experiences in the past, you might not actually know much about fillings (so you have sort… Read more »

2 Simple Smile Care Decisions With Big Results

You might have some truly wonderful intentions for your smile care. Every year, your New Year’s resolution may be to get serious about protecting your smile health, making your smile look even better with professional treatments, and then you’ll be in good shape! However, you don’t follow through. You’re not very happy with your smile… Read more »

Quiz: How Do Crowns Restore Smiles?

When a tooth becomes damaged, or develops a serious oral health issue, then you need a restoration. We have a number of options available, such as fillings. But we can also use one unique option to correct a number of different problems: dental crowns. How do crowns restore smiles?

After The Extraction: What’s Next For My Smile?

Deciding to agree to the tooth extraction you require may take up just a bit of your mental energy. As a result, the last thing you want to do is start fretting about what may be next for your smile once the removal is complete! Fortunately, there is absolutely no need for stress, tension, anxiety,… Read more »

Tooth-Colored Fillings Quiz: Why So Great?

What’s so great about scheduling a visit for a tooth-colored filling, you wonder to yourself? Well, there are actually a lot of answers to that question. If you’re not very familiar with this type of restorative treatment, then you are likely not informed about its benefits yet! See how much you know (or fill up… Read more »

3 Things You Should Really Know About Extractions

If you need a tooth extraction but this is new territory for you, then it’s most certainly wise to begin by taking in some very important information. The very first thing we want for you to do is to realize you’re making a wonderful choice for your smile, that everything’s going to be A-OK, and… Read more »

Get Your Filling Soon!

Do you need a dental filling? If your tooth is experiencing tooth decay and we have made a diagnosis, the answer to that question is a big, “Yes!” However, that does not necessarily mean you’ve gone ahead and scheduled your visit. If not, you may want to consider some reasons your hesitation (which may turn… Read more »

Are Your Teeth In Need of Restoration?

Have you been experiencing discomfort when trying to enjoy your meals, lately? In fact, are you struggling to enjoy coffee breaks, at work, or shared desserts on date night, all because of heightened sensitivity or even discomfort related to a single or several of your teeth? Many people don’t realize that even sensitivity can be… Read more »

Could a Dental Crown Be What Your Smile Needs?

Are you concerned about heightened sensitivity, discomfort, or even pain you have begun experiencing, when trying to enjoy your meals or beverages? Perhaps you were recently involved in an accident at work or some other kind of trauma that left one of your teeth visibly chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged? Even chewing can sometimes lead… Read more »