How Restorative Treatment Addresses A Persistent Toothache

A toothache can feel intrusive at all times, but it can be especially hard to tolerate when you try to eat or drink. If the issue is ignored, the pain can intensify as the health of the tooth worsens. Fortunately, the matter can be addressed with the appropriate restorative dental treatment. Our Celina, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Let Your Dentist Know You Have Concerns About A Restoration

Once you have a dental filling or dental crown put in place, the tooth protected by your restoration should remain safe. They do more than just avoid future problems with infection or injury – fillings and crowns make it possible for you to safely apply bite pressure to a tooth, which means you can stick… Read more »

Restore Your Bite And Smile Through Prosthetic Dental Work

Prosthetic dental work can help you grow more comfortable with your appearance by making your smile appear complete once again. Because it is possibly to secure a permanent prosthetic, the work of restoring your complete smile can also help you bite and chew with greater comfort. Our Celina, TX dentist’s office has provided this restorative… Read more »

Do I Need To Schedule A Root Canal Procedure?

If you feel intimidated by the idea of restorative dental work, or root canal treatment in particular, you may hesitate to discuss an active concern like tooth pain or sensitivity. Letting a problem go on like this can be trouble for your dental health – eventually, an infected tooth can reach a point where it… Read more »

What Does It Take To Successfully Restore A Cracked Tooth?

If you crack your tooth, the problem is not one that you can wait to go away on its own. Unfortunately, ignoring a dental injury can actually lead to the issue becoming worse, as your tooth can develop an infection or become further damaged. For a cracked tooth, you can reach out to your Celina,… Read more »

How Do I Keep My Tooth Healthy After Cavity Treatment?

After recognizing the signs of tooth decay, your Celina, TX dentist is prepared to provide restorative dental work. The treatment for your cavity will include the placement of a permanent dental filling or dental crown. Why is it necessary to put a permanent restoration in place? Unfortunately, our teeth are not able to heal from… Read more »

Restoring An Unhealthy And Unattractive Tooth With A Crown

A dental crown’s presence can be important in situations where tooth decay or physical trauma have seriously affected a tooth’s condition. In order to save the tooth, a custom restoration can be designed and placed over the tooth, sealing it to keep it safe from infection. In addition to making sure a vulnerable tooth is… Read more »

How Tooth-Colored Fillings Blend In With Your Enamel

The news that you have a cavity can certainly be upsetting, but you can be especially unhappy to hear that your cavity is on one of your more prominent teeth. After your restorative dental work is done, what will your smile look like? How hard will it be for you to keep the evidence of… Read more »

Concerned Over A Cavity? Our Practice Is Ready To Help!

How alarmed should you be if you have a cavity that has to be treated? If you are worried about restorative dental work, you can be happy to hear that our Celina, TX dentist’s office is prepared to put a stop to decay, and to restore your tooth so that its appearance is not changed…. Read more »

Dental Crowns: Those Little Questions You’ve Still Got

When the topic of requiring a dental crown comes up, you probably immediately recognize that this means your oral health isn’t at its best, your tooth is damaged in some way, and you require our Celina, TX team’s professional care to make things better. However, in terms of the more complex details regarding the crown’s… Read more »