How Much Do You Know About White Fillings?

Even the most careful brushers among us may have a tooth (or two) with a filling. For many years, silver-colored dental amalgam was used almost exclusively when repairing a cavity or other breach in tooth enamel. Now, however, all-white fillings, made of a composite dental resin, are available, and preferred by many dentists and patients…. Read more »

Do I Need A Gum Lift?

When you smile, if you feel like people see more gums than teeth, you may be a good candidate for the contouring that a gum lift can provide. A gum lift involves the careful removal and reshaping of gum tissue so that it frames the teeth in the most attractive way possible. After a gum lift,… Read more »

Stopping Periodontal Disease Before it Starts

Regular brushing and flossing habits, as well as regular visits to the dentist are strong foundations for good oral health. When these important steps are neglected, a film of plaque (formed by the natural interaction of bacteria, saliva and food particles) stays on the teeth, hardening into tartar deposits, and irritating and inflaming the gums…. Read more »