Don’t Chip Your Teeth! (But If You Do…)

Of course, what we would prefer is to help you avoid accidentally experiencing a chipped tooth. When you sidestep the possibility of a tooth chip, you keep your smile just as it is. There’s no need to come in, to consider treatments, or to decide what to do. You save a bit of money, too…. Read more »

Do Versus Don’t: Your Whiter Smile Plans!

In our age of ever-increasing access to information, it’s important to remember that some of that info is spot-on and reliable but some of it is not. As a result, even as you begin to make plans for something like achieving a whiter smile, you may become torn and a bit unsure. Should you immediately… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: What Aren’t You Doing?

Yes, when you think about your dental hygiene, you may assume that as long as you’re attempting to do some amount of oral health cleansing, you must be on track. However, you cannot trick your smile. When you perform the appropriate cleaning successfully, your smile stays healthy. When you don’t quite get it accomplished as… Read more »

2 Truths About Root Canal Treatment

If you need root canal treatment and you look it up or talk to people about it, you are likely to hear quite a medley of rumors! If you talk with us about it, however, you will find that you’re all filled up with good, factual information that will actually make you feel fantastic about… Read more »