Sensitive Teeth: A Handful Of Possibilities

There are so many different reasons you may end up with sensitive teeth. While you may hear this and think to yourself, “Great! Now how am I ever going to feel normal again?” our Celina, TX team reminds you that this is nothing to worry about. What you need to consider is the fact that… Read more »

Toothache Questions: Now What Do I Do?

You already have a toothache. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. However, you don’t really know what to do now that you’re in pain. Do you just do your best to practice “mind over matter” and to ignore it? Do you load up on pain medication, so you can just forget about… Read more »

What’s the Restorative Solution Your Smile Needs?

Are you struggling with dental discomfort, and worried what that means for the future of your smile? Were you recently involved in an injury at work, or during an athletic event, or even simply chewing on ice, that left one of your teeth visibly chipped or cracked? There are a number of reasons a person… Read more »

What Can Restorative Dentistry Do For You? Part One

Are you worried that your smile might need restorative dentistry? Many people don’t realize that teeth cannot repair themselves the way skin and other parts of the body can. That means that if your tooth becomes damaged due to trauma or decay, the only solution is to see the dentist. Through restorative treatment like a… Read more »

Toothache? 5 Possible Causes of Dental Pain

Are you experiencing a toothache or gum discomfort? There are many possible sources of your dental pain, the most common of which could be a cavity or inflamed gums. But your toothache could be signaling more than just your average cavity. Consider these possible causes of your pain and schedule a dental check-up to review… Read more »

Can Unhealthy Sinuses Make Healthy Teeth Hurt?

Tooth sensitivity is a common malady and can indicate a number of issues. For instance, tooth decay and gum disease expose the sensitive parts of your teeth, such as the pulp where the nerves are held or the roots that are connected to them. The result is often severe discomfort that warns you to seek… Read more »