Goodbye, Halloween … Hello, Smile Care! 

Were you using Halloween as a marker with which to start making serious decisions for your smile care? If so, then it’s about time to get going with whatever it is you’re planning for your oral health, for the beauty of your smile, or otherwise! Keep in mind that the year is quickly coming to… Read more »

The Autumn Season: Important Implications For Your Grin!

You could likely come up with a list a mile long, when we ask you about what you’re visualizing when we mention the autumn season. Chances are good there’s lots of food on that list, warm colors like rust and cranberry, the thought of feeling warm and cuddly, a handful of pumpkins, a smattering of… Read more »

4 Times The Answer Is: Align Your Smile!

Sometimes, when you bring a concern about your smile to our Celina, TX practice, there are many answers to offer, treatments to consider, and approaches to sort through. However, in other cases, you will find that there’s a quick solution that takes very little time for us to match up with your needs or goals…. Read more »

How Dental Care Helps You Appear Youthful 

You may have the notion in your mind that the more dental work you receive, the more aged you’re going to appear. While this may have been true decades ago, the good news is that with today’s advances in dental technology, seeking the dental care your smile needs can actually help you maintain a youthful… Read more »

Whitening Professionally: 4 Questions About The Future

You know, of course, that if you’re going to whiten your smile, the only means through which we suggest you accomplish this task is with our professional teeth whitening treatment. With that said, you may feel perfectly comfortable and confident visiting our Celina, TX team for this exciting cosmetic solution! However, you may also discover… Read more »

Culprits You Didn’t Know Were Responsible For Discoloration

There are some very obvious culprits that spring to mind when you’re thinking about staining. What’s causing your discoloration, you wonder? Well, you figure it must be coffee or cocoa or marinara sauce, red wine, berries, cola, and the list continues. However, is that necessarily the case? What if you don’t actually consume any of… Read more »

It’s Too Late For The Smile I Want!…Right?

You may feel as though you’ve just waited too long to come in for the smile care you want. This can range from feeling as though you’ve missed out on maintaining a healthy smile that you can use for life to feeling that your dreams of a beautiful smile have passed you by. Whatever it… Read more »

Getting Through Your Orthodontic Treatment With Success

When you make the decision to receive orthodontic care for your smile, you are embarking on a journey toward a straight, balanced smile that will make your daily life so much better! Fortunately, as long as you keep your smile in good health, that amazingly straight grin can last forever! That is, assuming you get… Read more »

Is It Time For Teeth Whitening Yet?

When you need help with the health of your smile, there aren’t a lot of unknowns in terms of when. You know that you need to see us every six months for preventive care (or between visits if something is wrong). You know just how to care for teeth and gums and when. You also… Read more »

Your Spring Dental Checkup: 3 Benefits

Spring is here and that means summer is near! In terms of dental care, that means you might be thinking about making improvements to your smile (so you’re ready for all things party and wedding related), it means it’s probably time for your next dental checkup, and it means you probably really don’t feel like… Read more »