Faster Treatment With Fastbraces®

Correcting misalignment not only improves the overall beauty of your smile, but has been shown to boost overall oral health as well. However, people often worry about the time commitment of braces. After all, doesn’t treatment automatically mean two or more years of wearing braces? To offer a shorter time frame, your Celina, TX, dentist… Read more »

A Smile Makeover With Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes, we see patients who have more than one esthetic issue impacting their smiles. To help them obtain a completely new smile, we may suggest porcelain veneers. These thin restorations act as a mini-smile makeover, addressing a wide array of issues with a tooth’s color and shape. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist will… Read more »

Sculpting Your Smile With Bonding/Contouring

Do you have a chipped tooth, or severe staining that doesn’t respond to teeth whitening? What about a tooth that appears pointed? If so, then we have two unique cosmetic treatments that address these concerns and more in a single visit. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about the benefits of our cosmetic… Read more »

Achieving Your Brightest Smile With Teeth Whitening

If you have embarrassing stains, that doesn’t mean you have to live with discoloration, or try to hide your smile in pictures. Instead, you can contact your Celina, TX, dentist for cosmetic treatment. We have a professional teeth whitening system that helps brighten smiles by several shades, so you obtain a smile that makes you… Read more »

We Can Offer Treatment For Particularly Tough Teeth Stains

Stains that leave your teeth noticeably dull or discolored can be tough to address on your own. You can certainly find products at your local grocery store or pharmacy that promote their whitening abilities, but they may do little more than remove stains that are on the surface of your enamel. To see meaningful results,… Read more »

Change Your Smile Through Bonding And Contouring Work

How do you currently feel about your smile? If you have problems with the color and condition of teeth that have left you feeling self-conscious, a cosmetic bonding and contouring procedure can help. You can meet with your Celina, TX dentist to discuss the benefits of bonding and contouring work to target the specific concerns… Read more »

How Much Can Veneers Really Do To Improve How I Look?

How much time and effort will cosmetic dentistry involve if you want to make a meaningful change to the way you look? If you have more than one problem with your smile, or if several of your teeth are in poor condition, you may find yourself scared to even start the process of improving the… Read more »

How Easy Can It Be To Make Time For Teeth Whitening?

A professional teeth whitening treatment can deliver remarkable improvements to the way you look when you smile. When a procedure is this effective, it must take a considerable amount of time and effort…right? At our Celina, TX dental practice, we can make your experience with teeth whitening incredibly convenient. You actually have two different options… Read more »

Unhappy With A Chipped Tooth? We Can Restore Its Appearance

Even though our teeth are remarkably strong, damages can occur. With even a minor chip to a tooth, you may find that your smile symmetry is interrupted, and that your appearance is altered in a truly frustrating way. If you are unhappy because a chipped tooth has created problems for your smile, cosmetic dentistry can… Read more »

ClearCorrect Can Straighten Your Smile Without Metal Braces

By wearing metal braces, a person can make important corrections to their poorly aligned smile. This can lead to more than just a more attractive appearance – fixing poor dental alignment can offer important oral health benefits. What you might not realize is that you could arrange to have your teeth straightened without metal braces,… Read more »