Is It Time For Improvement? Consider Categories And Solutions!

What you may not know is what you need to do for your smile. However, what you probably do know is that you want to improve it. So, what’s the missing link, you wonder, and what if you don’t really know exactly what’s wrong but you have a general idea? Fortunately, our Celina, TX team… Read more »

Getting Through Your Orthodontic Treatment With Success

When you make the decision to receive orthodontic care for your smile, you are embarking on a journey toward a straight, balanced smile that will make your daily life so much better! Fortunately, as long as you keep your smile in good health, that amazingly straight grin can last forever! That is, assuming you get… Read more »

Fastbraces: Make It Even Faster!

Fastbraces sound exceptionally exciting when you first learn about them because they work so quickly! Even though you may have a bit of hesitation because you wonder if it could really be true, when you visit with our Celina, TX team you find out that in fact, this orthodontic system really can align your smile… Read more »

Side Effects That Happen When You Avoid Cleanings

We don’t think that you have bad intentions when you’re choosing to stop coming in for dental cleanings. Instead, our Celina, TX team generally assumes that you don’t realize just how powerful this particular part of your preventive care can be and just why it’s so significant to practice consistently! To help you feel sure… Read more »