3 Things You Should Really Know About Extractions

If you need a tooth extraction but this is new territory for you, then it’s most certainly wise to begin by taking in some very important information. The very first thing we want for you to do is to realize you’re making a wonderful choice for your smile, that everything’s going to be A-OK, and… Read more »

Being Prepared For A Dental Emergency

It is important to stay calm when an emergency of any kind happens. The best way to stay calm is to feel prepared. A dental emergency can be anything from a broken crown to a knocked-out tooth to severe pain from a toothache. You may ask yourself questions like, “Is this an emergency?,” “What should… Read more »

Why, How, And When To Brush Your Tongue

The thought of brushing your tongue as part of your dental hygiene might feel very unfamiliar to you. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t something you should be doing. The truth is, we suggest that you clean this part of your oral system every day! To help take the edge off of any shock… Read more »

Bruxism: Important Questions

There’s something about bruxism disorder that can really confuse people. Do you know what it is? Well, one of the main problems in diagnosing yourself is the fact that there’s a very good chance you’re not even aware of the grinding or clenching that’s going on. As a result, we’d like to ask you some… Read more »