Are Dental Emergencies Preventable?

Dental emergencies often result from accidents, which, by definition, can be difficult to prevent. However, by ensuring that your teeth are as strong and as healthy as they can be, you can help protect them against the destruction that many dental emergencies cause. Though you can’t always prevent dental emergencies, you can fortify your teeth… Read more »

What Is Gingivitis and Why Should I Care?

Gingivitis is a term that dentists and dental hygienists use when talking about gum disease. Gums form a seal with your teeth, keeping them tightly positioned in your mouth, and making sure bacteria cannot slip into your bloodstream. Healthy gums are pinkish in color, firm to the touch, and cling snugly onto each tooth. Unhealthy… Read more »

Why You Really Should Be Drinking More Water

Your doctor says it. Your dentist says it. You need to be drinking more water. But do you still find it difficult to consume the recommended amount of water each day? Many adults struggle to properly hydrate everyday, which can lead to a variety of far-reaching effects, including drowsiness, dry skin, headaches, dizziness, increased heart… Read more »