Missing Teeth? You’re Missing Out!

Is there anything more lovely than a healthy, attractive smile? Not only does your smile impact the way others perceive you, but it also affects the way you feel about yourself. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you may find it difficult to flash your smile around other people. Dr. Newton, a general dentist… Read more »

Secrets of Celebrities’ Smile Styles: Teeth Whitening

Dazzling. Luminous. Brilliant. Flip through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine or celebrity style blog, and you’ll find these words used repeatedly to describe the smiles of your favorite stars. When it comes to celebrities’ pearly whites, is it simply a matter of good genes? We think not, says Dr. Newton, a cosmetic dentist… Read more »

Can the Sun Make Your Smile Shine Brighter?

The summer season is one of smiles and sunshine, and though it may not seem so at first, the two are more closely related than you might think. When the sun’s light hits your skin, it stimulates your body’s production of vitamin D; an essential component of many of your body’s vital functions. One of… Read more »

A Tooth Test: True or False?

Dr. Newton and our wonderful staff at Celina Family Dentistry know exactly how many teeth you have. We keep track at each of your dental checkups. It’s important, because you are supposed to have a certain amount of teeth. If some fail to erupt, further investigation is necessary to ensure there isn’t an underlying dental issue… Read more »

Do you Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

It’s difficult enough to commit to your regular biannual dental checkups. When you have a plethora of dental issues, the prospect of fixing your smile can feel completely overwhelming. For cosmetic and restorative dental needs, you may not even know where to begin. That’s where Celina dentist, Dr. Newton steps in, providing you with a consultation… Read more »