Halloween: Friendly Suggestions From Your Dentist!

Nope, we’re not planning on making any suggestions for arts and crafts projects, cool ideas for costumes, or anything like that. As you may have already guessed, our Celina, TX dental team is on the scene to provide you with some very important tips for making it all the way through your Halloween festivities without… Read more »

The Autumn Season: Important Implications For Your Grin!

You could likely come up with a list a mile long, when we ask you about what you’re visualizing when we mention the autumn season. Chances are good there’s lots of food on that list, warm colors like rust and cranberry, the thought of feeling warm and cuddly, a handful of pumpkins, a smattering of… Read more »

4 Times The Answer Is: Align Your Smile!

Sometimes, when you bring a concern about your smile to our Celina, TX practice, there are many answers to offer, treatments to consider, and approaches to sort through. However, in other cases, you will find that there’s a quick solution that takes very little time for us to match up with your needs or goals…. Read more »

Things That Happen When You Ignore Gingivitis

Like anything else that you don’t necessarily want to deal with and would much prefer if it would just go away, gingivitis is something you can choose to (but shouldn’t) ignore! Unfortunately, if you decide to overlook obvious symptoms, brush off our diagnosis of this first stage of gum disease, etc., then you may be… Read more »