Bringing Kids In For Dental Care Before The New School Year

Summer may mark the end of the school year, making it a great time to bond with your kids. You may find yourself planning a family vacation, or setting up fun activities you can enjoy in the local area. One thing you should certainly do is think about how you can make sure your children’s… Read more »

Is Your Straw Hiding Something?

Consider the drinking straw. It’s a simple apparatus, with many good uses. Straws come in all sorts of bright colors, and can add convenience and decorative flair to the simplest drinks. For all the positive things about straws, they can sometimes be used to avoid facing dental issues. Yet trying to hide from problems will… Read more »

Sleep Apnea Sufferers: Watch For Caffeine!

Yes, you know that it’s important that you can fall asleep at night if you’re in the process of getting your sleep apnea treatment into a routine, so you’re sleeping through the night. What you don’t necessarily know is that when it comes to actually getting to sleep, caffeine might get in the way. “But… Read more »

Implants: When You’ve Decided You (Probably) Want Them

Dealing with tooth loss is no walk in the park in the beginning. When you’re not fully informed about your replacement options for missing teeth, you can find yourself going through a whole host of emotions, feeling worried, and wondering what lies ahead. The fortunate news in the midst of this new experience is that… Read more »