Implants: When Your Jawbone Isn’t Ready

You might come in to see us for a dental implant consultation, feeling extremely excited about your future smile. During your visit, we may tell you that your jawbone isn’t quite ready for implants. Your first reaction may be that you feel defeated and assume you’re just not going to qualify. However, before you let… Read more »

Q&A: Gum Contouring

You know all about dental contouring, of course, which allows us to remove bits of tissue from your teeth for a more appealing finish. However, how much do you know about gum contouring? If this is a new treatment to you (and you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to sculpt your gum tissue) then… Read more »

Cosmetic Care: Choose Professional, Skip OTC

What’s all this about OTC versus professional cosmetic care, you wonder? What does OTC mean? Can’t you just whiten your smile with the home remedies you keep seeing online? We know that doing what you can to make your smile look its best is a huge priority. However, if you take avenues that are insufficient… Read more »

Loose Teeth: The Good Versus The Bad

When you remember loose teeth from childhood, it probably puts a smile on your face! It was one of your first rites of passage into feeling grown up and if you were lucky, the tooth fairy brought you something in exchange! As an adult, however, noticing that your tooth feels a bit wiggly is probably… Read more »

Answering All Those Questions About: Toothpaste

We know that you have toothpaste questions because nearly every patient has at least one. However, we also know that you might worry dental hygiene questions are too “basic” to bring up during your visits. This is never the case! If you’re curious about something super simple or surprisingly complicated, bring it up. The sooner… Read more »