3 Steps to Protecting Your Smile

Are you wondering what more you can do, this year, to help protect your oral health, namely your beautiful smile? If so, you may be delighted to learn that there are actually a number of simple steps you can take to preserve your dental health. By forming health habits at-home, and combining those hygiene and… Read more »

Get Your Smile Runway Ready with Porcelain Veneers

Do friends regularly compliment your gorgeous outfits, and your super sense of style? If so, you probably take great pride in choosing clothes and accessories that reflect your excellent taste and your personality! But what you have you done to ensure your smile is just as runway ready? In fact, are your teeth in need… Read more »

Can Professional Teeth Whitening Make a Big Difference?

Do you look in the mirror, and instantly notice the deep staining on your teeth? Over time, many people find that their smiles begin to look yellow, grey, or simply aged. Fortunately, in most cases it is possible to bring back the smile’s former brightness, namely through the use of a whitening treatment. Professional teeth… Read more »

Healthy Ideas for Your Kids’ Lunches

Now that your kids’ schedules are jam-packed with school activities, you might feel like you are spending more time in the car than you are at home. This often leads to lapses in healthy diets, and an over-reliance on packaged foods and drive thrus to keep your family fed. Unfortunately, over time, this can pose… Read more »

What’s the Restorative Solution Your Smile Needs?

Are you struggling with dental discomfort, and worried what that means for the future of your smile? Were you recently involved in an injury at work, or during an athletic event, or even simply chewing on ice, that left one of your teeth visibly chipped or cracked? There are a number of reasons a person… Read more »