Determining the Cause of a Sudden Toothache

Sniffles and sneezes…is that a cold coming on? Or is it allergies? Or something worse? Sometimes the irritation that comes from allergies or illness even comes along with a toothache. Undergoing x-rays and a thorough examination from Celina dentist, Dr. Newton is the best first step to uncover why your body is giving you the warning… Read more »

Achieving Longevity for your Bright Smile after Teeth Whitening

Celina dentist, Dr. Newton offers cosmetic services which can brighten your smile. However, once you leave our  office, you will need to follow specific care instructions and change some old habits if you want to avoid damaging your newly refreshed smile. Although periodic professional bleaching touch-ups may be required, proper maintenance at home will keep your smile bright between… Read more »

The Power of a Brighter, Whiter Smile

Teeth whitening is a valuable tool for enhancing your smile. Brighter teeth can contribute to greater confidence and contentment with our physical appearance. This confidence can overflow into our careers, our interactions with others, and our positive self-image. Family and cosmetic dentist Dr. Newton of Celina, TX, provides two types of teeth whitening. Under her… Read more »

Cinco de Mayo Pride Should Extend to Teeth

Happy (early) Cinco de Mayo from the team at Celina Family Dentistry. During the celebration of Mexican heritage and pride next week, consider what it would take to make you proud of your teeth. More and more adults fail to regularly visit the dentist and, of those, Hispanics, in particular, lag behind when it comes… Read more »