Tension Can Cause Issues With Teeth Grinding And Clenching

If you struggle with tension and stress in your daily life, you can create potential problems for your physical and dental health. One common stress response is involuntary teeth clenching or grinding. When this occurs, it can put pressure on your jaw joints and muscles that leads to discomfort, as well as dental damage! At… Read more »

These Suggestions Can Help You With Cavity Prevention

Are you concerned about the formation of a cavity, and determined to make it your last? Have you grown alarmed by difficulties maintaining your oral health? While different people can have different degrees of difficulty with cavity prevention, there are certain measures that can help anyone avoid problems with poor dental health. One thing you… Read more »

Make Sure You Stick To A Smile-Friendly Morning Routine

Your morning routine can set your mood for the day. Some people are natural early risers who make the most of their time before their responsibilities need to be addressed, while others struggle to fully awaken unless they enjoy every minute of sleep available to them. No matter what your start to the day usually… Read more »

Let Your Dentist Know You Have Concerns About A Restoration

Once you have a dental filling or dental crown put in place, the tooth protected by your restoration should remain safe. They do more than just avoid future problems with infection or injury – fillings and crowns make it possible for you to safely apply bite pressure to a tooth, which means you can stick… Read more »