Tips: Bringing Us Your Questions!

Do you have questions about dental care? About something going on with your smile? Perhaps you show up without any inquiries but throughout your visit, you start wondering about the technology we’re using, about diagnoses, and about tons of other little things that transpire. Do you feel comfortable asking along the way or are you… Read more »

Advanced Dental Technology And Your Oral Health

Are you a dental daily care ninja? You know to brush properly, floss carefully and drink plenty of water. You limit sugary snacks and beverages. You’ve curbed your ice-crunching habit. These daily home habits are essential for strong teeth and a healthy mouth. Even the best home care routine benefits from access to advanced dental… Read more »

Stop Using Your Teeth As A Tool

You have probably heard it a million times: Stop using your teeth as a tool! While you understand that we’re telling you to stop using your smile for anything other than its natural purpose (speaking, chewing, etc.), you might have a hard time connected the dots and applying this to realistic situations. We are happy… Read more »

2 Reasons You’re Experiencing Acid Erosion

Discovering that you are suffering from acid erosion when you’re someone who generally brushes, flosses, and comes in for your visits on time might be very surprising. It’s also somewhat defeating when you put a lot of energy into keeping your oral health safe only to learn that your efforts are not completely working. Before… Read more »