Taking Your Toddler To Their First Dentist Visit

From the moment your baby’s first tooth appears, you should begin planning their first trip to the dentist. That initial appointment is a fine time to not only get your child acquainted with a dentist, but to show them that oral hygiene can be fun. Today, your Celina dentist discusses important information to consider when planning your child’s first visit… Read more »

All About Oral Cancer Screenings from Your Celina Dentist

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, close to 40,000 Americans will receive a diagnosis of oral or pharyngeal cancer this year. Though cancer is a scary prospect, early detection can make all the difference in a patient’s prognosis. Oral cancer, in particular, has a 50 to 80 percent survival rate when discovered at an early… Read more »

Celina Dentist Explains What Stress Can Do To Your Teeth

Stress can sneak up on you. You may find yourself staying up late at night with your mind racing, compiling to do lists you think will never end, and becoming more irritable with your family or co-workers. You may already know that stress can contribute to your weight, damage your immune system, and harm personal… Read more »

Bridging the Gap: Celina Dentist Replaces Missing Teeth

When you have a missing tooth, you may notice a difference in your usual habits. Chewing and speaking will not feel the same with a void between your teeth. In addition, if you are missing one of your anterior teeth, or front teeth, you may also find yourself hiding your smile. However, one of the… Read more »