Treating Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP Machine

While effective for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), many people find the CPAP machine to be loud, uncomfortable, and may simply forgo its use. Which is why your Celina, TX, dentist is happy to offer a comfortable and minimally-invasive alternative. Instead of the CPAP device, we can create a comfortable sleep appliance.

Testing For Sleep Apnea From Your Home

In our last blog, we talked about how obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) could cause you to stop breathing, interrupting your sleep cycle and even straining your immune system and cardiovascular system. But how do we diagnose the issue and offer treatment? In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about our home sleep test!

What Do You Know About Sleep Apnea?

Did you know that millions of Americans have trouble sleeping due to a serious disorder? Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) not only leaves you exhausted, but could even impact your overall health and quality of life with time. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about diagnosing sleep apnea, and the treatment options we use… Read more »

What Your Sleeping Patterns Say About Your Oral Health

Have you ever woken abruptly at night because you could not breathe? Has your partner woken you up or informed you of irregular patterns of breathing while you sleep? Chances are, you may be experiencing sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which shallow breaths or pauses in breathing occur frequently, resulting in… Read more »

Are You In Need Of Treatment For Problems With Sleep Apnea?

Does it feel like you never wake up feeling refreshed anymore, or that you have to fight fatigue even after a full night’s rest? Has your partner said anything to you about a tendency to snore? If these issues are familiar to you, you should consider the possibility that you need treatment for sleep apnea…. Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Relationships You Don’t Realize You’re Affecting

You may already have a good understanding of the fact that your sleep apnea can have a strong impact on the relationship you have with your significant other. However, that doesn’t mean you have pushed yourself to consider all of the other relationships that you have and the fact that your sleep disorder may be… Read more »

Sleep Apnea During Christmastime: Lists You Should Be Making!

How is sleep apnea impacting you this year during Christmastime? Are you already someone who has begun sleep apnea treatment with us and, as such, you know that you need to keep it up over the holidays? Or, are you someone who is fairly certain that you probably need to meet with us very soon… Read more »

Keep A Morning Symptom Journal If You Suspect Sleep Apnea

You can track symptoms all day long, of course. However, it’s often easiest to write down what’s going on in the morning because you’ve got just enough time to do so before your busy day gets started! In addition, there are many symptoms of sleep apnea that show up when you wake up, since this… Read more »

Sleep Apnea: Right And Wrong Ways To Receive A Diagnosis

You may wonder how to figure out whether what you’ve been experiencing is actually the result of sleep apnea or if you are dealing with some other underlying issue. While you may recognize as you learn about potential side effects that can take a serious toll on your general well being that you should really… Read more »

Your Blood Pressure: What’s Sleep Got To Do With It?

Maybe you stop at your local pharmacy to try an automated blood pressure cuff and you’re shocked by the results: High blood pressure! Perhaps your doctor mentions to you that your pressure is a bit high. Whatever the case, when all other common causes aren’t really lining up with your experience, you may find yourself… Read more »