Celina Dentist on the Complexities of TMJ Disorder

The wellbeing of your smile involves more than how brightly it shines when you show it off. A truly healthy human mouth functions as perfectly as it looks. For instance, even if your teeth are flawless and shine as bright as a movie star’s, their beauty would be little solace if they didn’t work well enough for you to eat and speak properly. As the hinges upon which your jaws move, your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are subject to damage and misalignment, which leads to TMJ dysfunction and chronic discomfort throughout your craniofacial region. As part of our dedication to the optimal beauty and function of your smile, Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, explains the complexities of TMJ disorder and why it’s often difficult to escape its uncomfortable grasp.

A Different Kind of Joint

Although they are joints, your TMJs are not typical. Instead of the ball-and-socket construction that allows your knees and shoulders to rotate, your jaw’s joints slide to allow for a more diverse range of movement with a disc of cartilage like those between the bones of your spine. Sliding TMJs distribute the pressure of your bite throughout the entire jaw joint instead of focusing it on a single area, which helps accommodate the up-to-200 pounds of pressure that your jaw can exert.

Spreading Discomfort

Your temporomandibular joints are the most active joints in your body. When they’re damaged or misaligned, your jaw’s muscles have to work harder to keep your mouth straight as you eat and speak. The excessive stress can damage the trigeminal nerve that innervates your jaw and most of your craniofacial structure, and the discomfort that can arise from TMJ disorder often manifests itself in a variety of forms, including chronic headaches/migraines, earaches, sore facial muscles, and pain throughout your neck, shoulders, and back. The diversity of its symptoms makes TMJ disorder difficult to diagnose in many cases, and some people may suffer chronic symptoms for years before realizing the problem lies within their oral health.

Find Relief from TMJ Disorder with Your Celina Dentist

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