Celina Dentist Helps Decide if Oral Fractures are Emergencies

Pain in the jawFractures. They can be vary in depth, placement, and severity, but however you slice it, a fracture is basically a break. Breaking a tooth can be upsetting, scary, and embarrassing. Fractures are sometimes not as easy to spot. However, they can fester, deepen, or even cause cosmetic issues on your most visible teeth. Is a fracture a dental emergency? The best thing to do is to call your Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, if you have suffered from a crack or fracture in any part of your mouth and jaw, and let our team help you decide if you should come in to the office right away.

Do Cracked Teeth Always Require Dental Attention?

Any injury to your tooth that causes pain or even just feels odd should elicit quick action on your part. Fractures and cracks can’t always be seen or felt. Early identification can help you save your tooth from needing a full extraction. It is very important that the crack not reach the pulp chamber where your roots are housed. If your dental pulp is exposed to bacterial infestation, inflammation will set in that will likely develop into an unfortunate tooth infection. Death of nerves (also known as pulpal necrosis) can set in. Tooth abscesses are another possibility. So don’t ignore a fracture. Call your Celina dentist even if you’re not sure that your dental issue is an emergency, to be on the safe side.

What About Jaw Fractures?

The most common facial fractures happen to noses, cheekbones, and jawbones. Any substantial impact to the lower part of the face can result in a possible fractured jaw. If you sustain such an injury to your jaw that results in intense pain, numbness, swelling, or bruising, definitely seek immediate medical attention from your emergency dentist, general physician, or emergency room, if the injury seems severe enough. Your jaw may need to be realigned and temporarily held together by wires and screws.

Help for Dental Fractures from Celina Dentist

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