Celina, TX Dentist Offers Suggestions for Handling a Dental Emergency

An emergency of any kind is unexpected and tends to cause people to panic—especially when it comes to a dental emergency. Trauma to the mouth isn’t an anticipated injury; however, by following the proper steps, your smile can make a full recovery. To help her patients handle a dental emergency effectively, your Celina, TX emergency dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, gives her patients advice.

Take These Steps When Faced with a Dental Emergency

  • Cavity relief. If you’re feeling some discomfort from a cavity, try icing the area on and off. You can also use clove oil since it’s a natural pain reliever. Furthermore, gently floss the affected area to remove any lingering particles or irritants; afterward, use warm salt water rinses to reduce swelling. Continue these steps until you see the dentist.
  • Broken tooth. Warm salt water rinses can also aid this ailment. If you’re bleeding, apply light pressure to the affected gums—not the tooth. Additionally, take any tooth fragments and place them in milk; bring the pieces to the dental appointment.
  • Bitten tongue. For severely bitten lips and tongues, apply a cold compress and gentle pressure to stop the bleeding. Take care to see the dentist immediately, if you can. However, if you can’t see the dentist soon enough, go to the emergency room to get your mouth examined.
  • Crown or bridge fell out. Should a dental crown or bridge fall out, use a bit of denture adhesive to hold it in place. Keep in mind, this is only a temporary fix and a visit to your Celina, TX emergency dentist is in order. Moreover, don’t chew on the dislodged crown or bridge.

Celina Family Dentistry Offers Great Dental Care

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