Sedation Dentistry: A Part of History

History BooksSedation dentistry shines as one of the greatest innovations in recent years. The option to undergo dental work while sleeping comfortably makes all the difference for some patients. Multiple procedures can be done at one appointment, which saves time and reduces anxiety. Comfort in dentistry isn’t exactly a new concept, however. Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, provides a brief history of sedation in dentistry.

Why is Sedation Dentistry Important?

Close to 75% of adults in the United States admit to having some degree of dental fear. For a smaller, but still significant percentage, the fear runs deep enough to qualify as a phobia. When someone has a dental phobia, their anxiety is so severe that they will go to great lengths to avoid going to the dentist. Unfortunately, much of what causes the need for dental work involves infection. When issues like gum disease or tooth decay are allowed to spread, the treatment and reparations required become much more involved. This can lead to a vicious cycle where the anxious patient has even more reason to avoid the dentist. The amount of work necessary seems insurmountable.

Ether as an Early Anesthetic

The idea of sleeping through a visit to the dentist may seem completely new, but nitrous oxide has been used to relieve discomfort since the 1840s. Dr. William Morton, a dentist in Massachusetts, wanted to take sedation further, however. He experimented with ether to help avoid dental discomfort, and in 1846, the first tooth extraction under complete sedation was performed.

President Abraham Lincoln had Dental Fears

Anxiety over going to the dentist can strike anyone – even Abraham Lincoln. When President Lincoln was undergoing an extraction without any anesthesia, his dentist accidentally broke part of the president’s jaw. After that, Lincoln feared the dentist greatly. Years later, he required another extraction due to a severely infected tooth. Though the toothache was painful, Lincoln still put off the dental work, since the prior experience had been so bad. Thanks to ether, however, he was able to get through the extraction calmly.

Dental Sedation from Celina Dentist

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