Trick-or-Treat from your Celina, TX Children’s Dentist

HalloweenKidsAre your little ghouls and goblins ready for a night of trick-or-treating and excitement tomorrow? Halloween is just a day away, and while children may see this holiday as a haven for their sweet tooth, many parents and dentists are concerned with the poor oral health that can come from indulging in too much sugar. Luckily, as with most enjoyable foods and drinks that may not be the best for our health, moderation is key. Your Celina, TX children’s dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, will remind you of the steps you and your child should be taking to ensure that the occasional evening of candy binging can go off without a dental hitch.

Dental Hygiene Always

Schedules can certainly be hectic, especially as the holidays begin to ramp up. On a night like Halloween, kids stay out a little later, run out of time for homework, and might become wired from all of the candy and excitement. What goes up must come down, so every sugar-high will come crashing to the ground eventually. This may mean that your child conks out with their full costume and make-up still on, and perhaps a half-eaten lollipop hanging out of their mouth. Will one night like this guarantee cavities? Probably not. However, forgetting to brush teeth before bed and in the morning when rushing around for school can both be bad habits that will lead to cavities. Don’t forget the importance of flossing. A daily floss fix before you brush is actually better because then you can scrub away the food particles you’ve dislodged from between your teeth.

Don’t Neglect Diet

Sugar and refined carbohydrates are delicious. Even dentists know that. And to kids, they taste so much better than broccoli, and they’re generally pretty easy to come by. Unfortunately, a steady diet of junk food will greatly increase your child’s risk of developing tooth decay. Consider trying to set aside time each night to involve your child in packing a healthy lunch. Also, check out your child’s school lunch program. Many schools are making a concerted effort to provide kids with much healthier choices including fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices. Finally, you should encourage your child to reach for water when they’re thirsty and save the juice and soda for special occasions.

Visit your Celina, TX Children’s Dentist

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