Frequently Asked Questions about Porcelain Veneers Answered

Happy Couple in WhiteeThere are so many reasons why your teeth can take on a look that you don’t care for. A smile can become stained, dull, and yellow due to aging, tobacco use, or excessive consumption of dark colored foods and beverages. A smile can be chipped, fractured, cracked, or broken from tooth decay, injury, or misuse. Your Celina dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, can offer multiple options for fixing your teeth and covering up dental flaws, but few are as versatile and complete as porcelain veneers. If you have questions about dental veneers, Dr. Ganjoor has answers.

Porcelain Veneer FAQs

Q1. What are the advantages of porcelain veneers?

A1. Porcelain veneers can cover up a multitude of dental flaws all at once. Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of dental work you need is not an uncommon phenomenon. For patients that have put off dental work because they think the cost and time factors are insurmountable, veneers can offer desired results in as little as two office visits.

Q2. Are veneers really made out of porcelain, or do they just look that way? Isn’t porcelain fragile?

A2. Porcelain veneers are in fact named as such because of the material they are fabricated from. Porcelain has proven to be an amazing asset to cosmetic dentistry because of the strength it has in combination with the tooth-like translucence porcelain provides. For an example of how strong porcelain can be, just think about your bathroom sink or toilet.

A3. What does a porcelain veneer procedure entail?

Q3.  Wafer-thin porcelain shells are fabricated by talented ceramists, based on your measurements and impressions. Once we receive your customized veneers in our office, you can come in for the application. The discs are adhered to your teeth with a strong bonding agent to provide the same cosmetic qualities as natural teeth. Dr. Ganjoor will shape, file, and polish your veneers until they look just as you want them to.

Porcleain Veneers from Celina Dentist

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