Learn More about your Salivary Glands

DroughtWhen droughts occur in the environment we panic, and rightly so. Droughts inside our mouths are a different problem, but also worthy of concern. Saliva is an essential part of dental health. Salivary glands are one of those parts of our body that are easy to ignore, but their optimal function can play a huge role in how we feel in our day–to-day lives. Picture an honest-to-goodness drought inside your oral cavity right now. Imagine swallowing and having nothing but dryness. Celina, TX dentist, Dr. Newton, would like to tell you more about the importance of your salivary glands, and the liquid they produce.

Salivary Glands

Your salivary glands produce a quart of saliva each day. The clear liquid from your salivary glands is responsible for several essential functions in your mouth. Lubrication from saliva makes it easy for you to swallow food. Healthy saliva also washes away bad breath germs and protects your teeth from bacteria throughout the day and night. The actual salivary glands are comprised of parotid glands on each side of your face. There are also sublingual glands under your tongue and submandibular glands on the floor of your mouth. In addition to all of these major glands, there are hundreds of minor salivary glands in your mouth. Saliva enters your mouth through salivary ducts.

Dealing with Dry Mouth

When your salivary glands don’t function properly on a chronic basis, you have a condition called dry mouth. Without proper lubrication to maintain a moist oral environment, germs have a much easier time multiplying. These crafty bacteria latch onto the surfaces throughout your mouth, creating uncomfortable thirst and bad breath issues. Dry mouth is an unpleasant condition that creates difficulty with simple tasks like eating and speaking. Dry mouth is especially irritating when you are trying to sleep at night. The constant unquenchable thirst will have you drinking large amounts of water, over-stimulating your bladder. If dry mouth is an issue for you, visit Dr. Newton to identify underlying dental issues which are causing the problem.

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