A Tooth Test: True or False?

Dr. Angela Ganjoor and our wonderful staff at Celina Family Dentistry know exactly how many teeth you have. We keep track at each of your dental checkups. It’s important, because you are supposed to have a certain amount of teeth. If some fail to erupt, further investigation is necessary to ensure there isn’t an underlying dental issue to worry about. To learn more about your smile, try today’s true-or-false quiz.


Q1. True or false: The total amount of human teeth possible to grow is 32.

Q2. True or false: Every healthy tooth is comprised of layers. The clear outer shell – tooth enamel -is the strongest substance your body produces.

Q3. True or false: Although strong, your tooth enamel is subject to acid erosion. The only way this occurs is through consumption of sour food and drinks.


A1. TRUE – The average human mouth grows 32 teeth when all is said and done. This includes the four “third molars,” AKA wisdom teeth. Often, wisdom teeth can grow at odd angles, leading to a host of dental troubles and discomfort. Many people have their wisdom teeth removed at some point because of errant growth or failure to erupt fully. People whose third molars never erupt will only have 28 teeth.

A2. TRUE – Tooth enamel is comprised mostly from calcium and phosphate, as well as other minerals. This extremely resilient compound is made so strong as a result of mineral crystals which are stretched thousands of times longer than those that comprise your bones. By ensuring healthy levels of calcium and other essential nutrients, you can maintain your tooth enamel’s strength and cavity protection abilities.

A3. FALSE -Your mouth is home to about 600 different kinds of germs, even at its healthiest. Some of these bacteria convert carbohydrates and sucrose (sugar) into lactic acid. This completely saps your teeth of the minerals enamel requires to maintain its strength. In time, if you don’t practice adequate dental hygiene, enamel can become too weak to repel bacteria from the vulnerable inner structures of your smile.

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By brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day and visiting your Celina family dentist at least once every six months, you can help control harmful plaque formation and prevent resulting cavities. To learn more about protecting your oral health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ganjoor at our Celina dentist’s office by calling (214) 851-0130. Located in the 75009 area, we serve patients of all ages from Celina, Prosper, McKinney, Frisco, Anna, Pilot Point, and the surrounding areas.