The Fight Against Plague

woman's fight against dental plaqueWhy do parents constantly tell their kids to brush their teeth before they go to bed? Is it because they were told as children to do the same thing? Or could it be that they want to fight dental plaque along with trips to the dentist as much as possible? It is considered common knowledge that brushing twice a day, and flossing, is part of the daily exercise to keep one’s teeth and gums in the best shape possible. What might not be so common are tips that can give you the edge when exercising home preventive dentistry.

A Super Fruit for Dental Health

There is a food that actually aids in preventive dentistry: cranberries. Streptococcus mutans use sugar as an acid building medium to eat away at the protective enamel of the teeth, eventually allowing cavities to form. Cranberries have the ability to inhibit oral bacteria’s ability to accumulate and form dental plaque to cling to your teeth. This is bad news for S. mutans since they are among the main causes of plaque formation, as well as tooth decay and cavity development. Studies find that eating the fruit in its raw form is the best way to benefit, and that sugar filled juices should be avoided.

Tools for Tooth Protection

While toothbrushes are invaluable in preventive dentistry, their misuse can actually cause harm to your teeth and oral tissues, such as receding gums. Using hard bristles, as opposed to softer ones, and applying too much pressure will irritate your gum tissues until they pull away from your teeth. Some tips and tools:

  • Be sure to brush for at least two minutes a day and use toothpaste that has the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.
  • Replacing your toothbrush every 3 months is important since the bristles will eventually flair, making it ineffective over time.
  • Use a bacteria fighting mouth rinse to aid in preventing dental plaque after brushing.
  • Using a powered tooth brush can make brushing easier; some are even equipped with a timer that tells you when the two minute time is up.
  • Flossing is the best way to get food particles, and plaque, that are trapped between the teeth.


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