So Much to Love About Tooth-Colored Fillings: Fast Facts

smilecloseupshimmerYou may not necessarily love the idea of visiting us for a subsequent visit after we identify tooth decay. However, when it comes to treating cavities with tooth-colored fillings, the benefits can often give patients the boost of confidence they need to feel happy about the treatment, rather than disappointed. We recognize that you may find it difficult to believe but the advantages speak for themselves. Wondering what could possibly be so wonderful about receiving a filling made of composite rather than metal? Learn more with the following fast facts:

About Composite

  • Composite is a metal-free material composed of synthetic acrylic resin
  • Unlike amalgam fillings, composite does not contain metal or mercury
  • Composite is safe for nearly every patient, including pregnant women, young children, and metal allergy sufferers
  • Unlike metal, which heats up and cools off quickly, composite is a weak thermal conductor, so it will not cause temperature-related sensitivity when used for tooth-colored fillings
  • We will color-match the composite to your surrounding tooth tissue, so nobody will be able to recognize that your tooth ever experienced a cavity – your smile will continue to look beautiful

About Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • We will begin your treatment as we do with any type of filling – we will numb the affected tooth and the surrounding area, so you feel comfortable
  • We will carefully remove the decayed tissue from the cavity, any debris, and will smooth the interior portion of the opening to prepare it for a filling
  • We will place composite into the opening in your tooth – in most cases we will not need to remove as much tissue as we may have to with amalgam because composite is quite easy to mold
  • To complete the filling, we will set the composite
  • Your filling may receive minor adjustments, so we ensure you can bite down comfortably before you leave our practice


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