Steps to Take for an Emergency Toothache

steps to take for an emergency toothacheThe trouble with a toothache is that it rarely adheres to a set schedule. It can strike in the middle of a meal, or during an important business presentation; or, it can develop slowly, remaining a barely noticeable nag until it suddenly blossoms into debilitating tooth pain. In either case, a toothache is never something you should ignore, and whether mild or serious, the discomfort will likely grow worse until you address it. If your toothache strikes at a moment when you can’t immediately call your dentist, follow these few steps to alleviate your toothache until you can schedule an emergency dental visit.

Take Tooth Pain Seriously

Tooth pain can signify a number of different issues, most of which can mean serious trouble for your oral health. For comprehensive and effective relief, call our office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Until then, be sure to;

  • Rinse your mouth carefully with warm water, especially around the tooth in question. Adding a pinch of salt can help clean the area more thoroughly.
  • Floss around the painful tooth to make sure nothing is lodged between it and its adjacent tooth.
  • If bleeding occurs, moisten a clean piece of gauze and bite down gently on it to staunch the bleeding.
  • If swelling occurs, place an ice pack or cold compress to the side of your mouth. The cold will help reduce swelling as well as mitigate some of the discomfort.
  • You can take over-the-counter pain medication, such as Tylenol or Aspirin, for more potent relief, though you should not exceed the recommended usage instructions on the label.
  • Avoid biting and chewing on the side of your mouth with the aching tooth. Also, if you must drink a beverage, use a straw and angle it away from the afflicted tooth to avoid further discomfort.


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