Common Reasons For Extractions

reasonsblocksFortunately, we find that the more educated our patients become about our services – particularly restorative care treatments – the more at ease they feel when we make diagnoses and treatment suggestions. When it comes to the removal of a tooth, for instance, a patient who understands why an extraction is necessary will have an easier time feeling motivated to protect his or her oral health. Remember – we offer beautiful tooth replacements solutions to restore your full smile. For now, become familiar with reasons you may need a dental extraction.

Reason #1: Your Wisdom Tooth Needs Help

We will strongly suggest a dental extraction if your wisdom tooth is not doing well. This may include a variety of problems. First, we may recognize that your wisdom tooth is growing on a path that will eventually damage nearby teeth – this can lead to misaligned teeth. Second, if your wisdom tooth is impacted (or has not broken through either your bone tissue or your gum tissue), we will need to remove it to prevent oral health problems. Third, if your tooth grows in successfully but is too difficult to care for, we may remove it.

Reason #2: We Cannot Repair Your Damaged Tooth

If you damaged a tooth beyond repair with restorative treatments like fillings or crowns, we will need to perform a dental extraction to protect you from infection and more severe problems.

Reason #3: Your Infection Will Not Respond To Root Canal Therapy

Is your tooth infected? If it is infected so severely that we cannot fix the problem with root canal therapy, we will urge you to receive a dental extraction. We may then clear the infection and move forward by replacing the tooth.