Don’t Qualify For Whitening? No Problem.

worriedwomantankHave you been extremely excited at the thought of a whiter smile but you have come to the conclusion that you do not qualify for teeth whitening? Are you still somewhat unsure about why you do not make a good candidate for this treatment? Even worse, are you under the impression that all hope is lost? Don’t worry – we are ready to answer your questions and to provide you with alternative routes toward achieving the whiter, dazzling smile you have been visualizing.

Why You Don’t Qualify

If you don’t immediately qualify, you may simply require restorative care first. Once we address your oral health problems – such as decay – we can then go ahead and take care of your discoloration with teeth whitening.

However, if you are suffering from very deep stains (they often occur due to trauma or as the side effect of certain medications), whitening may simply not be able to penetrate and work deeply enough within your teeth. In some cases, we also come into contact with patients who want to whiten a smile that includes artificial tissue (think bonding or crowns). Because we cannot whiten prosthetics, we will need to create a plan that includes replacing old dental work.

What To Do

So, you don’t qualify for teeth whitening. No problem. Just like we can help you make your way toward a whiter smile if old dental work is your concern, we can also help with deep staining. Rather than whitening, we will discuss your other cosmetic treatment options. You may either camouflage stains with dental bonding or with porcelain veneers. Remember to remain positive – your whiter smile is just around the corner.