Can Cavities Really Be Avoided? Part Two

Can Cavities Be Avoided Through Preventive Care?The percentage of American children and adults that will struggle with cavities is staggeringly high. The fact that nearly 90 percent of adults will experience cavities, can make preventing them seem hopeless. However, preventive care can help you effectively prevent cavities and other dental issues. It just requires diligence in maintaining a daily hygiene routine, at-home, and a commitment to attend regular dental checkups and cleanings with your dentist.

Professional Cleanings Are Necessary for Good Oral Health

Do you think dental cleanings are only necessary if you are already struggling with a dental problem? Think again! The point of regular dental care like bi-annual checkups is to prevent the need for restorative treatment, like dental fillings or crowns.

Cleanings allow a dentist to thoroughly remove tartar buildup, which is responsible for the formation of most cavities. Removing tartar also reduces the risk of developing gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, which can lead to a host of dental issues and have a negative affect on your overall health, as well.

During an exam, the dentist will diagnose any existing dental problems, and may also provide advice about how to better care for your teeth between dental visits. For instance, if you are struggling with dry mouth, your dentist may recommend an oral rinse which can help prevent discomfort and plaque buildup.

Prompt Restorative Treatment Is Key to Dealing with Cavities

If you have developed a cavity, it is crucial to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Prompt restorative action, like receiving a dental filling, can often prevent the need for more extensive treatment, such as a root canal, or even an extraction.

Left untreated, however, a cavity will only worsen with time, often leading to far more painful infections.