Bounce Back from that Cavity with a Dental Filling

Bounce Back from a Cavity with a dental FillingCavities are incredibly common, sadly, and left untreated they can wreak havoc on one’s oral health. Without restorative action, a cavity can lead to a painful infection that could require root canal treatment to save the tooth and stop the spread of the infection, or in severe cases, the need for an extraction. Fortunately, when a patient seeks restorative treatment promptly, cavities can often be address with far less invasive treatment. Dental fillings are the most common treatment for cavities, and they offer both functional and cosmetic benefits!

Warning Signs You Might Have a Cavity

There are several symptoms that could indicate you are currently struggling with a dental cavity. By paying attention to changes in your smile, and seeking dental treatment quickly when there are negative symptoms, you can help protect your damaged tooth and restore your smile, as well.

While every person is different, some common symptoms of cavities include:

  • White patches, dark crevices or spots can all be indication of damage to the teeth’s enamel. Visible yellow film can also be clear indication of trouble.
  • Heightened sensitivity and discomfort are both symptoms of dental issues, often cavities.
  • Don’t ignore changes in sensitivities, or dismiss even occasional discomfort. Instead, schedule a dental appointment, quickly, to get to the root of the issue.

Ways a Filling Can Help

A dental filling is a simple, fast and effective way to help restore a smile. Perhaps best of all, modern fillings can be made of tooth-colored composite resin, which can be sculpted to carefully create seamless-looking restorations.

For comfort and confidence, talk to your dentist about the benefits of choosing a tooth-colored filling.