What’s the Restorative Solution Your Smile Needs?

What's the Restoration Your Smile Needs?Are you struggling with dental discomfort, and worried what that means for the future of your smile? Were you recently involved in an injury at work, or during an athletic event, or even simply chewing on ice, that left one of your teeth visibly chipped or cracked? There are a number of reasons a person might require restorative dentistry. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides several beautiful ways to help address dental problems, so that a patient can leave the dentist’s office feeling better, and enjoying a more beautiful smile. Porcelain crowns are one popular form of restorative dentistry, for both those reasons. They can help protect damaged teeth comfortably, but also with great cosmetic result!

How Damaged Is Your Tooth?

One of the first things the dentist will do, before prescribing restorative treatment, is determine the extent of your tooth’s damage. Often this is done through the use of dental x-rays, which are able to detect if intrinsic damage has been done. If your tooth is found in need of restoration, a dental filling could be recommended. In fact, dental fillings are the most common ways of coping with cavities. However, if the extent of the damage warrant it, the dentist may instead recommend a dental crown.

Dental crowns are designed to seal damaged teeth against further wear (eliminating discomfort you might have been experiencing while chewing), and preventing infection as well as worsening of chips, cracks and other problems. They can also be made of materials designed to blend seamlessly within one’s smile, making them a great choice for those wishing to preserve the beauty of their smile, while also protecting it against further damage.