Could Sleep Apnea Treatment Help Your Loved One?

Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Help Your Loved OneHas it been months since you actually had a good night’s rest, all because of your loved one’s loud snoring? While snoring can certainly be annoying for those nearby, did you know that it can actually be indication of a life-threatening medical condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea? Sleep apnea is marked by momentarily lapses in one’s breathing as he or she sleeps. This can occur dozens of times in a single night, drastically cutting down on the effectiveness of one’s sleep, but also contributing to a host of related health issues, such as increased blood pressure and risk of other heart-related problems, irritability, and even depression. To help your loved one, is it important to discover the cause of the loud snoring. Fortunately, if OSA is to blame, your dentist might be able to provide an effective, yet minimally-invasive treatment!

Are You Tired of Loud Snoring?

If you are ready to stop the loud snoring, and more importantly help make sure your loved one’s health is not in jeopardy due to OSA, a doctor can help diagnose the cause of the snoring. If OSA is the cause, though, you may want to schedule an appointment with your family dentist.

Many dentists offer minimally invasive alternatives to the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines commonly assigned to treat OSA. These machines can be loud and cumbersome. Dentists often recommend sleep appliances, instead, which are similar to mouthguards, including those used to treat nighttime teeth grinding, known as bruxism. These devices are designed to help keep the soft tissue clear of the passageway, so that breathing is clear and consistent throughout the night.