Dental Hygiene: Frustration And Solutions

You might feel like your routine dental hygiene is something that you would have likely fully sorted out by now. However, caring for your smile is generally a process that continues to evolve. You grow and change, so sometimes surprises or new concerns show up when you least expect them. Rather than pretending problems aren’t there or electing not to mention them to us, we encourage you to do the opposite. Become a bit investigative, make note of frustrating aspects of brushing and flossing, and bring us your questions. We will be happy to help.

When Your Brush Bristles Fray Too Quickly

You might wonder how on earth your toothbrush bristles become completely frayed when you are certain you practically just started using a brand new brush. If this is happening, you need to check a couple things. First, always make sure you’re using the right brush (one with soft bristles). Next, ask yourself if you’re pressing hard when you brush. You probably are. Or, you are but you aren’t aware of it. Either do your best to use the lightest touch possible from here on out or schedule a visit with us, so we can help. Note: Electric toothbrushes do a lot of work on your behalf, so if this is your dental hygiene frustration, going electric may be a good choice.

When Your Fingertips Turn Purple

Are you experiencing tingling, purple, uncomfortable, or numb fingertips when you floss? Your dental hygiene does not have to include discomfort, nor should it. Instead of wrapping the floss tightly around your index fingers, do the following:

  • Gently wind the floss around your middle fingers
  • Hold the floss between your index fingers and thumbs, guiding it through your smile, so the floss doesn’t tighten around your fingertips