3 Things You Should Really Know About Extractions

If you need a tooth extraction but this is new territory for you, then it’s most certainly wise to begin by taking in some very important information. The very first thing we want for you to do is to realize you’re making a wonderful choice for your smile, that everything’s going to be A-OK, and we are here to ensure your visit is relaxing. Take a few particulars to heart, so your feelings about extractions become overwhelmingly positive!

#1: They Are Comfortable (Really!)

Yes, we are aware that you find it hard to believe a tooth extraction could be comfortable. However, we urge you to recognize that we live in an advanced time! Thanks to modern dental care, there’s never any reason to experience discomfort during a procedure. The extraction site (and surrounding area) will be completely numb, allowing for a calm, quick removal.

#2: They Can Actually Save Your Oral Health

It’s no joke! When you’re faced with a tooth that’s quite decayed or seriously injured, what can follow may include serious infection that can spread both near and far. To quickly remove the potential for an infected mouth and solve the issue, we can remove the tooth (thereby literally rescuing your oral health from extreme problems).

#3: We’re Not Going To Send You Home Uninformed

After your tooth extraction, we’re not going to send you back out into the world without any information about what to do. Instead, we will send you home fully prepared with all of the information you could ever need! What might that include? Well, first: You’ll have thorough post-procedure instructions for recovery. Second: You will know whether you require a replacement, what your options are, and when to come back in.

Receive Your Comfortable Tooth Extraction With Us

Come in for the extraction your smile requires for exceptional improvement (and remember to feel free to ask us questions!). Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.